Copy editor and proofreader (certified).
Three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Copy editing and proofreading (typography).

Editing in Spanish, English and Portuguese (AO 1992).

Editing of translations and transcreation of texts.

Specialization in editing of food labeling, in accordance with European legal framework.

When it comes to making first impressions, a carefully written text that is free of spelling and grammar errors is just as essential as having a good photo.

The editing of texts requires great concentration and attention to detail, thorough knowledge of the linguistic resources available to professional editors, and proficiency in the language to be edited as well as its varieties. In terms of translated texts, it is always an advantage to be fluent in the language that the text is being translated from.
The most common varieties of Spanish are European or Peninsular Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Rioplatense Spanish, and neutral Spanish. The two standard varieties of Portuguese are European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. Finally, the most widespread forms of English are British English and American English.

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